Sean Cook, Tel-com Business Owner

Stefani Quane has been my attorney since 2001.  She is a wonderful attorney. She  has a range of styles, from savvy negotiator, excellent demand letter writer, and incredibly fierce when I was up against a angry, vicious person.  No matter what she charges you, you are going to be getting a very fair legal price.  I've recommended her over 100 times to people in divorce need. She is A++++.  I have dyslexia and she was able to work with my special needs. 

Jeff Shushan, Marriage and Family Therapist

I am a therapist. Ms. Quane and I have worked on collaborative law cases starting in 2004. She was instrumental in introducing me to the collaborative law model. This method is an excellent way for people in moderate conflict to divorce with respect and dignity.  I can't say enough about Stefani's skills. When I was divorcing, she is the attorney I hired for my legal needs. Even as a trained therapist, when I found myself stressing before mediation, she was able to get my mind into the settlement game. 

Robin Gruber, FS Financial Strategies

I was Washington's first certified divorce financial planner. Stefani and I have worked on countless divorce cases in our  20 year professional relationship.  She is funny, loving, innovative, creative and strong at analyzing the financial issues in a case.  Our mutual clients enjoy working with her.  Stefani makes the legal process more simple.  I highly recommend her legal services.  She's been a leader in the collaborative law community. You'll find she's a inspiring life coach too. 


Our family has (unfortunately) needed quite a lot of family law legal services over time.  We started using Stefani Quane and she was great every time.  We are Indian and we found that she was extra sensitive to the issues when divorce happens in an arranged marriage.  I was so touched when she discussed the role of Shiva in moving past divorce with my Indian father, who doesn't speak much English.  She feels like family now.  We are blessed to have found such a fairly priced, moral, sweet attorney.   

Biotech Scientist

I have hired many lawyers in my life. I wholehearted recommend Ms. Quane.  I begged her to take me on as a client.  She's a lawyer with heart. I appreciated we worked on my law case from the comfort of my company conference room and at my home office. As a busy scientist, my free time is limited. She was able to accommodate my over-booked schedule and limited time to do this divorce work. She let me do some of the document preparation of exhibits for trial to keep my costs down. 

John Matson, Attorney

Stefani Quane is a great attorney mentor. I have a project manager background before law school. We have handled several legal cases together. It's been fun to work on cases with Stefani and to integrate project management tools into our shared big cases.  She writes a fabulous settlement letter and I learn so much about the practice of law every time we work together. She has a special knack for helping clients with stuck emotions. She cleverly approaches cases and creates some amazing exhibits that shift the tenor of a case.  

Success Stories

Divorce without Scandalous Crimes Expose


In several situations, using the collaborative method, our team of professionals were able to divorce high-net wealth and/or publicly prominent  couples without their employers learning of our client's  criminal scandals and terminating their lucrative employment.  Our confidentiality agreements helped the clients avoid having reputations ruined online without the embarrassment of tell-all court documents. These couples navigated treacherous divorce waters and we kept their privacy secure and their financial worlds as undisturbed as possible.  

Transformed Life for Multi-Millionaire Divorce Client


"I was miserable in my life. So was my spouse.  I earn many millions of dollars a year and have a very high net wealth. My spouse was not even able to account for where she spends $28,000 a month.  Our lives were a mess. Our children's lives were a mess.  Somehow, Stefani, acting as sole mediator was able to hold us steady enough that we were able to divorce while spending only $25,000 total in all fees associated with the divorce including the financial divorce planner, a parenting plan expert, and a business evaluator.  I know many people in my situation who spend $100,000 to do what we did for $25,000.  Her referrals were superb.  Quane's work was powerfully transformative.  She helped break me out of my close-heart shell. She uses a lot of humor and gives many book reading assignments.  Beware."

Settled 13-year litigation case in 5 months


Lawlady.com jumps into a case that other lawyers had been litigating for 13 years. It was a procedural quagmire. Stefani Quane got the case on track and settled it at mediation within 5 months for $424,000 and other benefits.  

"Had I used Stefani from the beginning, I would have saved myself thousands in legal fees, an attorney malpractice actions and 10 years of my life.  I fell into a legal nightmare and she gave me my life back."  

Sometimes a lawyer can save your soul/hide/money. You pick.