The Mediation Process

The Signature Mediation Process And Why It Works

Step 1: Decide Your Goals and Get Started


Schedule your appoint time.  Identify the problems. Write a letter explaining your position with any helpful attachments.  Complete the pre-mediation check list. Follow the pre-mediation guidelines you will be sent upon payment of your half of the mediation. Prepare yourself for the big day. 

Step 2: The Pre-Mediation Private Phone Consult


There will be a pre-mediation phone call to go over the fee agreement, the rules of the mediation, what to expect, and your answers to the pre-mediation checklist. We'll go over your position, hopes, and non-negotiables.  We'll strategize the best agenda. You'll get homework to finish before the mediation day. 

Step 3: The Big Event
Mediation Day


We start with a sacred opening to get you both into a heart-centered, trusting, confident space. Then each side makes a opening statement.  We stay in the room together as long as this is working before breaking into two rooms. The agenda will be followed. Agreements are reached one at time.  One party will write the deal and we sign a binding CR2A agreement.  Finally, a moment of quiet to close the session. Hopefully people feel good and want to hug. 

Helping people overcome conflict is profoundly meaningful work.