Legal Fees and Other Prices

Attorney Stefani Quane Hourly Rate for Family Law Situations

$180 to $333 range.  Typical first retainers are $2,000.  We also offer one-shot consults.  

Sliding scale applies. 

Prenuptial Agreements As Drafting Attorney

$1,500 base plus additional fees for sophisticated or complex matters.  

Prenuptial Agreements As Responding Attorney

$1,000 base rate plus additional fees for sophisticated or complex matters.  

Prenup Services for the Budget Client

You pay for the lawyer time used and we strive to put something in writing, or review a draft, in the time we have.  Typically $250 an hour. Sliding scale applies.  

Flat-Fee Divorce and Legal Separation Packages with or w/o Children 

Price varies pursuant to client situation.  You'll be asked to complete an intake form at time of service to identify your legal needs and support service preferences.  We bid a custom package based at our initial consult. Sliding scale applies.  

$3,500 to $7,500 range typically plus filing fee of $314 to court.  Copies and postage are included.

Court Motions

A typical motion retainer falls between $1,500 and $3,500.  Since early family law motions can radically alter the course of your divorce, we recommend you invest in preparing well for this court step. You may need other experts as well such as a Domestic Violence expert statement.  This is an additional cost.  

Preparing for Mediation 

Legal services to prepare you for mediation and to attend mediation typically cost $2,500.  Sliding scale applies  and complex matters may cost more.  

Divorce Coaching and Support Packages with Stefani Quane, or TeamMember

If you face the emotional and mental aspects of moving through your transition, the legal case can go much smoother.  We support clients in weekly meetings often by phone and emergency check ins when necessary.  

$1,000 with Stefani Quane

$500 with Noreen Wedman, Michael Raekes and Melissa Hysom 

Paralegal and other Assistants

Customed billed per job.  Your case may require a special extra team mate such as a decluttering expert to help you move, a tech person if your case is document heavy, or other specialized assistance in preparing motions or preparing discovery answers.  

Typically $50 to $100 an hour. 

Mediation Half Day Rate with Stefani Quane

See the mediation section to read about our unique approach. 

$1,000 plus $500 for reviewing pre-medaition submissions and pre-mediation consult. Additional fee of $500 applies if you have a second mediator. 

Mediation Full Day Rate 

$2,000 plus $600 for reviewing pre-mediation submissions and pre-mediation consult. Additional $600 applies if you have a second mediator. 

Family Confict Interventions Parenting Case Management

Imagine having a response person or team show up to facilitate a healthy, productive problem solving session.  We give the situation a safe container and act as referee and guide to help you reach consensus agreements. The group creates a written agreement to follow and accountability check ins.  This services pairs nicely with a coaching package. 

$100 to $200 an hour, depending on if you have 2 facilitators or one. 

These are 2 hour sessions. You get a discount if you buy more than 1 session. 

Modification Actions and Relocation Cases

These are generally hotly fought actions. Our initial flat fee for this work is $4,000. These cases can be as detailed as the original divorce.  

Lawlady Weekend Work Intensives 

An intense experience where we dive into your legal situation, get your case on track,  put all our efforts into moving your life and divorce forward.

Priced according to sliding scale.

$1,000 to $5,000 range plus costs.  

Divorce Coaches and Assistants' Hourly Rate

Paralegals and other assitants including couriers hourly rate falls between the $25 to $100 an hour range 

Divorce Visioning Experience 

Journey into the heart of your divorce uncoupling. Find and restore your sense of purpose, dream a new dream for yourself, walk away better. We'll do guided visualization, collaging, journaling, authentic movement. 

$200 for a private, guided experience. 

Divorce Conflict Resolution and Closure Ceremonies

These are custom crafted sacred ceremonies to begin to spiritually heal your conflict or to deeply complete the ending of your marriage.  Customed priced.  Designed to bring peace and joy to your ending. 

Typically $500 range

Credit Cards accepted via PayPal. Cash and checks taken. Payment is expected at time of service.

Suggestions for Low Income People

We wish we could offer our legal services for free.  Alas, we live in a capitalistic society where health care costs money. 

If you are in financial need, we suggest you:

  • Contact the Low Bono section of the Washington State Bar Association. 
  • Contact the King County Bar Association for their free family law mentor attorney and information about neighborhood law clinics.
  • Try Washington Law Help  online for good online information.  
  • See the Washington court forms on online with instructions and forms. 
  • Some court forms are available at the King County Superior Court website such as pattern  interrogatories. 
  • has a good question and answer forum.
  • Try advertising for low cost legal assistance at the law schools at University of Washington or Seattle U. 
  • Post a legal job in the legal section of Craig'slist.
  • Patch together free legal help by calling lawyers for their free 20 minute phone consults.
  • Take advantage of free law librarians at the two King County Court houses. Kent courthouse sells forms.  
  • Buy forms at the King County family law facilitator's office in Seattle Courthouse and schedule low cost consultations with a facilitator at both courthouses (Kent and Seattle).
  • Be brave. Some of the best litigators and legal advocates ARE NOT lawyers.  Never underestimate the power of a person with drive and ambition to do a good job.  It's a lot of work but doable by average people.
  • Join a facebook group online focused on your legal issues. 

Donate to Cover the Cost of a Poor Person's Legal Needs

If we can, we take low-bono cases. Your support covers the incidentals like photocopying for a good person in a legal pickle. 

Help the Poor Little Guy with the Good Law Case

Your support and contributions enable us to take on low-fee clients with compelling legal issues.  The client thanks you in advance. 

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