Prenuptial Agreements and Other Couple Contracts for Prenuptial Agreements.

Pre-Marriage Legal Counseling

Learn the laws that will apply if you marry.  Learn about the changes to the applicable laws you can make by entering a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. Learn ways to divorce-proof your marriage with good financial and conflict resolution agreements in place from the onset.   

Prenuptial Agreements

We offer a comprehensive package that represents your needs if you are the drafting party or the responding party. It's best to start your prenup 60-days before the wedding and to sign it at least 30-days before your ceremony to make it most valid and enforceable in Washington .  Flat-rate billing rates may apply. 

Postnuptial Agreements

Spouses may sign binding contracts after marriage. We assist you with that process. Postnuptial agreements can protect you from financial liability for a spouse and to clarify who owns an asset. 

Living Together Agreements

Non-married couples and friends can enter legal agreements.  We assist couples and groups make meaningful and enforceable contracts.  This can reduce future fighting by clarifying responsibilities.  Washington has something called "meretricious relationship claims" for marriage-like relationships.  Be sure that you are not inadvertently qualifying for this special status if you don't mean to. offers one-shot consults to go over your situation. Sometimes that is all you need. 

Couples and Conflict Mediation

We facilitate and mediate conflict resolution processes for conflicted couples. Conflict can be painful and debilitating.  Our services help you break through stuck points and get back to interacting in a less hostile, more productive way.  We expand your vision for what is possible and assist you begin acting out of new peaceful patterns. Through micro-agreements, you build a path to happier outcomes. 

FAQs about Billing

We offer some flat fee packages and some people chose to pay per session at an hourly rate. Some sliding scale and payment plans are offered. Call 206-932-9699 for your free 20- minute consult today. See what services are a match. 

Prenups... A Savvy Wedding Gift